Our specialty is two valve BMW R & K series motorcycles made from 1970 – 1995. You will find a wide selection of quality parts, accessories, tools and much more for the repair maintenance or restoration of your 2 valve BMW motorcycle.

We started riding BMW motorcycles in the 80’s and as owners of a BMW dealership; we witnessed the technological advancements as they were revealed each year. Those were exciting times and the motorcycles just kept getting better and better each year…..or did they? That is the question that we have been asking ourselves. Technology in motorcycles, and particularly BMW motorcycles, has advanced exponentially over the past two-plus decades and the modern bikes have the ability to masque even a novice rider’s incompetence. The new technologies represent great advancements in terms of safety and reliability, and just for the record, we also love riding these modern machines. That having been said however, there is a deeply rooted place in our hearts for the old school. The fond memories and passion that we have for these simpler times and uncomplicated machines, led to the creation of boxer2valve.com

We are very pleased to offer you a wide range of top quality parts and accessories for your classic BMW at very competitive or substantially discounted prices. We maintain a large inventory of OEM equivalent replacement parts and accessories as well as reproduction and performance parts from Wunderlich, Siebenrock and other internationally known suppliers. Many of our products cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you just need some spares or replacement parts to service your bike, or if you seek performance upgrades or are performing a complete restoration, we offer the parts to make it happen. You can be assured of only receiving the highest quality products and professional service when ordering from boxer2valve.com.





The idea for boxer2valve.com is many years in the making. Forming relationships with suppliers and procuring the basic subset of products, then placing those items online in a coherent manner was a much more involved task than one might imagine. The website was officially launched in April 2013 with over 1000 products. We will be continually evolving and expanding our range of products going forward and so we encourage you to stop by from time to time to see what’s new for your bike. If there is a particular part that you need but can’t find, please let us know. If it’s available, we can probably get it for you quickly. Our intention is also to offer technical information, restoration tips and much more. This is much more than a business. It’s a true passion for air cooled BMW boxers and first generation K-bikes.

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